Why We Are Different
Why Is Daniel Lenghea, P.A. Different?

The “why” is harder to explain than the “how.” All successful institutions share certain values; that is what makes them
more than just an expense-sharing device. These values dictate the Firm’s approach to every issue, internal or external,
that it faces, and include:

Integrity, in dealing with our clients, the courts, our adversaries, and among ourselves;

A sense of personal accountability for every decision, judgment, and action on behalf of our clients;

A level of competence marked by creativity and judgment that makes the quality and value of our services distinctive,
and which our lawyers will enhance by continued professional growth;dedication to our clients' interests and an intensity
of effort which distinguish our lawyers from others in the profession;

Courage in representing our clients in hostile and sometimes individually threatening environments;

An understanding of our clients that makes us more sensitive to their concerns and objectives and a discipline that
makes us more responsive to their needs;

A determination to provide quality legal services to our clients with real efficiency and within an organization structured
to facilitate, rather than to impede, the achievement of these objectives;

A true unity of purpose among our lawyers which places the welfare of our clients and the Firm above that of any
practice, region, office, or individual.
Your LEGAL Shield

As your primary care attorneys, we are ready to
become your legal shield, your defender, your
buffer and we will absorb and handle your legal
compliance and protect your practice from
Navigate the medical field with confidence

…We can help you successfully navigate the
murky and dangerous “waters” of our healthcare
legal system

Core Values
Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, West Palm
Beach, Pompano, Delray, Coral Gables, Davie,
Weston, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Miami Beach,
Key West, Pembroke Pines, Miami-Dade, Broward,
…Rather let the
crime of the guilty
go unpunished than
condemn the
Justinian I, Law
Code, A.D. 535