If most firms currently decide to concentrate in a large spectrum of practices and just create small departments or
divisions that are “reasonably” knowledgeable about healthcare or “reasonably” knowledgeable about business but not
both, we decided to dedicate completely and create a team of professionals that care to the business needs of
healthcare professionals. Healthcare business issues are completely different than general business issues that may
appear as the healthcare industry is heavily regulated, most if not all professionals that practice, including supporting
staff being required to hold some form of licensing. The exposure of a healthcare practice to serious sanctions being
omnipresent and the advent of new regulations and new laws being a constant battle for law professionals let alone
medically trained professionals, we advance a proposition that is unique – A Healthcare Protection Team.

From the compliance perspective we offer a cocoon, a shield, or a pair of caring hands that protect our clients from the
risks that this heavily regulated industry throws at their practice. We not only offer legal advice in situations where the
unexpected already occurred but we also offer prophylactic support and compliance audits so that we minimize the
exposure to unpleasant conflicts with state, federal authorities, or insurance systems. We work not only with existing
practices but we also offer our knowledge in advising professionals in opening a private practice or a third party service
provider company, or exit strategies for retiring professionals. These services start from selecting the best corporate
structure, share holder agreements, tax election, lease, employee agreements, cross partnership insurance, asset
protection, trusts and estate planning.

In a highly unbalanced relationship with insurers and other institutions like, HMO’s, PPO’s, Medicare, Medicaid, we
offer our full support to negotiate and resolve issues where new rapports are established, old ones are modified, provider
agreements are required, claims are being denied, or relationships are terminated.
Your LEGAL Shield

As your primary care attorneys, we are ready to
become your legal shield, your defender, your
buffer and we will absorb and handle your legal
compliance and protect your practice from

…We can help you successfully navigate the
murky and dangerous “waters” of our healthcare
legal system

How We Are Different
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…Rather let the
crime of the guilty
go unpunished than
Justinian I, Law
Code, A.D. 535